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Why Your Signage Board is important for Brand Identity?

Signage boards, also known as signboards are versatile and effective tools to promote products and display the company’s information. They come in various sizes, shapes and materials, and can be used in many ways, from showing directions in a mall to advertising products at a trade show. Signage boards are vital for businesses to establish their brand identity. They play an important role in conveying messages to the target audience. 

There are various types of signs, each with a specific purpose. They can help drive sales, increase brand loyalty, attract potential customers, and differentiate your business from competitors. Different industries have different signage styles that convey subtle but important messages. Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate type of sign for your business and factors such as size, colour, letters, schemes, visibility and also how the signage styles represent your core values should be taken into consideration. Ultimately, your brand will be associated with the signage you choose, so it is vital to select the right one that perfectly represents your brand identity and core values.

In this article, you’ll gain some insights into the advantages of using signage in your business and discover the most effective methods for creating and displaying your signs. 

Why do we need a signage board? What are the uses of it?

Signage is a silent yet powerful tool for conveying information effortlessly. It can effectively strengthen your brand identity, appropriately guide people in their desired directions and act as a highly efficient marketing tool to promote your businesses and services.  

The common use of it is:

  • Storefront Signage: It should be a catchy, captivating melody that grabs people’s attention. It should have bold logos, appealing product displays and warm welcomes to create a positive brand experience. 

  • Directional Signage: The clear and concise score, guiding visitors on their journey. Arrows point the way, maps lay out the terrain, and intuitive symbols ensure everyone finds their destination with ease.

  • Safety Signage: The steady drumbeat reminds us of caution. Bright colours, universally understood symbols, and clear instructions create a safe environment for everyone.

  • Digital Signage: Dynamic and dazzling displays with vibrant videos, catchy animations and up-to-date information that keep audiences engaged and informed. 

  • Menu Boards: The delicious area that tempts your taste buds. Make sure to ensure mouthwatering photos, detailed descriptions and bold fonts to make a simple list into a culinary symphony. 

  • Real Estate Signage: The direct call to action. Eye-catching visuals showcase the property's charm, while clear details attract potential buyers or renters to step inside and explore their future homes.

  • Event Signage: The vibrant fanfare announcing a spectacle. Bold colours, captivating images, and event details create a buzz, drawing crowds and igniting excitement for the upcoming experience.

Construction Signage: The informative hum, keeping everyone in the loop. Clear instructions, safety warnings, and project updates ensure a smooth construction flow and well-informed passersby.

Installing different types of signboards is only helpful if it’s effective. Clear and concise signage that communicates specific messages will give you an excellent investment return. How can you ensure that signage achieves your goals?

Here are a few helpful tips on making the best use of signboards:

Be specific: Use specific details in clear and simple language to inform about services, and products, or give directions. This is called narrowcasting. 

Keep it simple: Try using visuals like signs, icons and visual aids because they can say more than words. Get your message across so the reader knows what to do in five seconds or less. 

Use headline text: The best practice for writing clear signage involves high authority. Use a headline, a short explanation and a call to action. 

Include a call to action: See to it that the customers know what to do after reading the sign. It’s completely alright to tell them what to do. 

Make the sign stand out: Make sure that the types of signboard lettering and colors to make sure it’s readable, understandable, create an impact and can be easily seen. 

Let’s see some unique types of signage boards: 

ACP LED backlit Board

ACP cup letters

ACP engraved board

Acrylic works

ACP neon backlit boards

The common thing between them is the ACP i.e. Aluminum Composite Panels. The signage solution uses it as its base material featuring edge lighting that illuminates the board from the sides, creating a striking glow effect. It’s designed to enhance the visibility of the texts and of course, its aesthetics too. 

If you have any queries or concerns about choosing the right signage boards for your business, our company studio53 is always here and happy to help you.

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